What We Are Eating W/C 21st September 2019

I'm really excited for this week to be over! Well, that's not quite true, I'm just really excited because next weekend is my anniversary and we're going away and I'm excited for that and because it's nearly Halloween and Bonfire Night and CHRISTMAS!

Anyway, my anniversary first.

The A Mother's Ramblings Family having some fun

Saturday - Chinese of some kind

Flyfour said to me that he really wanted Chinese, so before he runs away to the Ukraine tomorrow, I thought we'd have some Chinese tonight. I'm not sure we'll have a Takeaway. More likely we'll get a few dishes from a Supermarket and I'll make Flyfour make his Chilli stir fry beef and I'll make a few dishes too... I'm still holding out for a proper Chinese takeaway though!

Sunday - Roast something

Flyfour is off, so the children and I will need to cope without him.

I'll make a roast for us to share, I'm just not sure at the moment what the roast will be... probably chicken but maybe lamb or beef! Look all I'm going to do is make giant Yorkshire puddings, dump some veg, meat and gravy in and everyone will be happy!

Monday - Pesto Pasta

Flyfour isn't here today, seeing as he's in the Ukraine still (he comes home tomorrow), so the children and I could have anything we wanted for our evening meal tonight, well within reason, and so we decided Pasta, because Pasta is like the king of everything and also I can make it and then just go to bed and stay in bed all evening and night.

Tuesday - Beans on Toast

Tops and I are off to the Theatre again this evening, so we're having a quick tea of beans on toast with all the family and if the children are super lucky, I may even be tempted to do a quick fried egg on top!

Wednesday - Fish Fingers and Mash and Peas

Fish Fingers!!!!!! I love Fish fingers and so having them with mash and peas tonight is my attempt at making them a little more grown-up, but it probably won't happen and I'll be as happy as a kid getting fish fingers for tea.

Thursday - Jacket Potatoes

You know when someone says something and you're just like, yup that's what I want. Well, last week we were talking about Jacket Potatoes at work and I wanted one served with lots of butter and some salt and pepper and so I added it to the meal plan tonight!

Friday - Fish Pie

Fish Pie! Yay! I'm looking forward to it tonight because nobody else is. We also have a trip to Northampton planned for Top Ender and I as we have a Seminary meeting and of course, we are off early tomorrow too for some family fun to celebrate our wedding anniversary too!

So, what are you eating this coming week?