A Little Bit Of Gardening

Yesterday we were supposed to have had a little more work done to our garden, with the same team who did the massive overall a couple of years ago. We asked them back to do a couple more sets of raised planters down the lawn (so I can keep them tidy more easily) and they've agreed to stake the plum tree for us so that it isn't practically laying down. They had to change the date they were coming and now next Monday the team will be with us, bright and early!

With them originally having planned to come mid-week this, of course, meant that this past weekend, the children, Flyfour and I did some work in our garden. It was normal autumn things, pruning back the sweet peas, weeding, picking up leaves, deadheading etc. Things that we would have done eventually this Autumn, but with having our fab garden team booked in gave us a more urgent deadline!

Flyfour sweeping after mowing the lawn

Within a couple of hours of hard work, a lot of chat and a few giggles, we had the back garden, the front garden and the Selmao looking pretty neat and tidy. We even managed to clear out all the gunk from the aco drainage down the side of the house and the front of the driveway so that we won't have any problem with drainage this autumn and winter.

Top Ender and Dan Jon clearing the wees from the Selmao

Now our garden is not only ready for our Gardeners to come and make our Garden even more like the one Flyfour and I have in our head, but also ready for Autumn and if we are lucky an Indian summer where we'll have just a week or so of some hot weather before we're all wearing jumpers, drinking Hot Chocolate and cursing that it's dark not only when we get up, but when we go to work and go home from work.

Yeah, maybe I'll just finally get Flyfour to agree that we need a fire pit in the garden, so we can sit out there in the cold weather with blankets and a mug of Hot Chocolate and enjoy the contrast of hot and cold.