What We Are eating W/C 28th September 2019

It's nearly the end of September, which is amazing because that means I've almost had a job for a month, I'm about to celebrate mine and Flyfour's 18th wedding anniversary and it's nearly Halloween. I mean come on, it's fab right?! Time is flying and I'm totally okay with that.

Chicken and Salad - it'll be featuring later in the week!

Saturday - Noodles

We are off out this weekend, so we're having noodles for our evening meal. Nothing too hard to make as we have limited facilities! Still, we don't mind because noodles are amazeballs no matter when or where you eat them.

Sunday - Beans on Toast

We are back late tonight, so it's simple beans on toast for supper. We figure it will be all we are up for making and also all we will want after a long day! Lucky for us, it's also something that we are happy to eat, even me!

Monday - Cheese Toasties

Something quick tonight as Tops and I are off out to the Theatre and all of us will have had a long day at school and won't want to cook! We figure that it'll be a bit of fun too, as we all have our favourite combination of ingredients. I like red onion and cheese or pesto and cheese or mushroom and cheese and Dan Jon likes ham and cheese as does Tops!

Tuesday - Salmon Pasta

I love Salmon and I love pasta, so I'm combining the two. Top Ender will be pleased, Dan Jon will not, but he also loves Pasta, so all will be good.

Wednesday - Sausages and Mash

I don't have long between getting in from school, and going out to Brownies, so tonight I'm going for something quick and easy and we're having Sausage and Mash, with veg and gravy!

Thursday - Chicken and Salad

We're having a Carb free night, so Chicken and Salad for all.

Friday - Fish Pie

I'm really hankering for a good fish pie, so hopefully, this one will be good. If not, then the Baguette I'm serving it with will be great as I'll smother it in butter and that always makes everything good!

So what are you eating this week?