The Bad Feeling on Friday The 13th!

Walking into School on Friday the 13th, I was ready for something bad to happen. Not because of the date you understand, but because it was the end of my first two weeks at work and almost everything had gone smoothly and I was, dare I say it, happy and so of course, I was ready for a bad thing to happen to end this happy streak.

I mean, that's not normal is it? Being happy at work.

The children had got a lift with me to School, and as we parked in the Staff carpark, two teachers were parking up at the same time. In the last couple of weeks, I've got used to the teaching staff looking at me with a bit of suspicion, when parking with students in the staff car park. Yet, one of the teachers recognised Top Ender and called out Good Morning to her, which meant the other teacher looked at us and recognised Dan Jon.

Top Ender and Dan Jon ready for School

Good Morning Dan Jon! Are you Dan Jon's Mum?! she said, as we walked towards the staff gate together.

A brief conversation followed where the teacher explained that she was Dan Jon's new Maths teacher and that she loved him and wished all her students were like him. The teacher further explained that he tried hard in her lessons, that he was polite and when he didn't understand something, he did something which is apparently unusual in students... he asked her for help.

Then not to be outdone, the other teacher started to explain who he was.

He was Top Ender's English teacher and again he said that Top Ender was fantastic and he loved how Top Ender was always ready with an answer, in fact, the Teacher whom he had taken the class over from had left instructions that if the class was struggling and he needed someone to answer then to call upon Top Ender.

My feeling of doom, left me as I heard how wonderful my children were. It was honestly the best way to start the day and I'm so glad that I work at the school my children go to and might get to start several of my days in what could possibly be the best way to start a day!