First Day Of School

The children are both back to school today.

Top Ender and Dan Jon on the First Day of School

In previous years, I've dropped Dan Jon off at his Primary School and then walked back to an empty home, waiting for time to pass and for me to get used to them not being here every minute of every day again.

This year I wouldn't have walked Dan Jon to School, because he's started Senior School, but I would have been sat at home, anxiously waiting for both my children's return after School. I would have been checking on Google Maps to make sure they both got to School, waiting for the text message from the app that Flyfour made that lets me know they are in the School grounds.

This year, I won't be sitting home alone, twiddling my thumbs and wondering how long I can put off cleaning the bathroom. Wondering if I'll be called because Dan Jon's teachers need help with his Diabetes testing. I won't be sitting in the garden at lunchtime listening out for the shouts from the playground.

Dan Jon Jr on his first day of Secondary School

This year, I won't see my children as they leave the house for school. I won't be able to pray for them as they leave the end of the road and I can see them no more.

This year I'll be at work.

Top Ender on her first day of Year 11

This year, if I'm lucky, I'll see both my children as they arrive at school and if I'm still lucky, again as they leave school.

I won't have time to be twiddling my thumbs and I certainly won't have to worry about cleaning the bathroom. Today is the first day of school and all of us couldn't be more excited.