A Strangely Diary Like Post

I'm not the only one who starts thinking about how their home can be made better around Christmas time am I? I think for me that I start moving a few items around, to make space for the Christmas Tree, and before I know it I've spent £100 in Ikea on a new storage unit and a huge plastic box thing to go under the Den sofa. Still it does look nice in the den now and everything is much easier to get at.

This year even Daddy has caught this cleaning/tidying/sorting out bug and has tackled the mess we call a computer desk. As I'm typing this, he is sorting out memory sticks, memory cards, various cables and other computing related things into a new drawer unit... also from Ikea!

We had a great evening together, we watched a Christmas film and the children have both gone to bed and they are both fairly healthy, so I'm taking a risk and making plans for tomorrow.

1) Put the picture frames up in the alcove. Seriously I really have to do it this time.
2) Paint four picture frames gold.
3) Deep clean the bathroom before the Bathroom Cleaning Company come on Wednesday.
4) Eat. The Goodfellas Pizza would be a good choice as then I could review it.
5) Sort out the Craft items. Basically I need to halve what I have.
6) Decide what Christmas gifts the TA's and Teachers are getting. Buy them.
7) Write Top Ender's Birthday invites.
8) Clean the Kitchen. Use the Morphy Richards 2 in 1 Steam Cleaner and then review it.
9) Write Christmas Cards. Post Christmas Cards.
10) Finish Christmas Shopping.

Sounds like a normal day for me, which when coupled with watching a few Christmas films will hopefully have me in a Christmasy mood ready for the children and I to decorate our Living Room window with a Christmas Scene (Keep an eye out on Facebook for the pictures) and maybe I won't procrastinate and will actually achieve everything on my list for once... well a girl can dream can't she?!

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