Barbie Photo Fashion Doll

Top Ender loves Barbie and keeps everyone up to date what is going on. It might be a new film coming out, a new book she has noticed or a magazine or as was the case this Summer a new doll that she had to have. This new Barbie was special because she was actually a doll you could play with AND a digital camera that you can take pictures with and can then be instantly displayed on the Barbie's T-Shirt - the Barbie Photo Fashion Doll. The plan was that we would get her this doll for her birthday although fate intervened and the lovely team at Mattel asked if she would like to review the Barbie...

Barbie Photo Fashion Doll

The Barbie has been with us everywhere, and little shots appear on Barbie's T-Shirt of interesting things that Barbie and Top Ender have seen. There is a folder on The A Mothers Ramblings Facebook page of all the pictures that Top Ender had taken at Santa arriving, and we will continue to add to other folders with Top Ender's pictures.

Barbie Photo Fashion Doll Picture of Mummy

The doll can store up to 200 photos and as she has a USB cable you can upload pictures to the doll's shirt or you can download the pictures that you have taken so you can have space for more. Top Ender is rather keen on embellishing her photographs with the preloaded graphics and it does mean the pictures are "unique".

Barbie Photo Fashion Doll Picture of Top Ender

What do we think? Well the doll is still a doll and can be used as a doll, as well as a camera. Whilst the pictures aren't great quality (Daddy has informed me that the camera is a 0.3MP Colour Camera, with 4mb of Memory) they are great for a child (I say Child and BB has had a play too and loves it) over the age of six  (that's the age Mattel suggest, but I think most School aged children would get a kick out of this) to play with and when displayed on the Barbie's shirt do look quite cute. You can go to the Barbie website where you can download more designs, which if it keeps being updated is a great bonus, and Top Ender loves that it brings even more choice to her embellishing!

The Barbie has an RRP of £69.99, and has a contained battery which can be charged via the USB cable, which I think is handy as it means that I have to download the photographs and back up the images regularly and there is no battery for Top Ender to somehow dig out of her Barbie! If you are still looking for a gift that is going to knock a Barbie fan's socks off, then this is the one doll you want to go and get.

We were sent the Barbie Photo Fashion Doll to review.

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