Lego Duplo Photo Safari

There is one thing that really annoys Big Boy about being a School boy. It isn't the T-Shirts, it isn't the trousers, it isn't that he has to tidy up the toys and that when he gets home I get him reading, writing and doing all the things he has already done at School with me. What he really hates is that now when a parcel arrives for him, he doesn't get to open it straight away, but has to wait until I tell him a parcel has arrived and where I have hidden it!

The most recent parcel that he was over the moon about was a rather lovely LEGO Duplo Photo Safari set.

Big Boy loved naming the different animals that were pulled out the box and was soon involved in some rather imaginative role play about a documentary film crew filming the animals for a TV show. I fear we've been watching too many Nature Documentaries this year, and just how dark is Big Boy's imagination?!

Big Boy assessing the Lego Duplo Photo Safari SetThe Poor Cameraman in the LEGO Duplo Photo Safari Set is about to meet his maker

The camera man being eaten by a Crocodile

Luckily Big Boy soon stopped killing the characters and started building some places for the animals to live and roam.

A Cheetah in a Lego Duplo Tree

The Elephants marched two by two

It was really great for me to see just how much Big Boy knew about animals that we don't keep in our back garden, but it did start up again that age old question of what noise does a giraffe make?!

If you are looking for a last minute gift for a five and under child, I suggest this set as it really is lovely. And if you spend over £25 in Toys R Us Stores on Lego Duplo you can get a Lego Duplo Plush Bunny as a free gift! I would show you the one that we were sent, but I'm not too sure where he is... I'll add a picture in of him later, or you can have a look at the Facebook page as I'll add him there as soon as he reappears!

We were sent the Photo Safari Set as we are part of the Lego Duplo Bloggers for 2013.

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