I tell you, the things I do for my blog!

Today started like any other day with a quick radio interview about my views on children under three going to the Panto (if they are mature enough then why the heck not? Big Boy started going when he was 18 months!), making the packed lunches for the children, taking the children to School, cleaning the bathroom, doing the laundry, taking in parcels for neighbours, steam cleaning the kitchen, being mock insulted by another neighbour, reminded that I'm not hip and happening any more and eating pizza for lunch... and as I'm the only one here almost a whole pizza all to myself!

I had been asked if I'd like to review a Goodfellas pizza and had been sent out a voucher, but every time I went out I'd forget to buy one or they wouldn't have one of the ones I wanted. It sounds stupid to say that I was looking for a specific pizza when Goodfellas have launched so many new ones this year such as the Superiore  (A premium pizza that delivers restaurant quality), the Takeaway and Wedges (perfect for sharing with the family as they come with a side of wedges!) and the Flavour Fellas (A full-on flavour range) which is the range I was after.
Goodfellas The Meaty Fella Pizza
Excuse the crushed box, I have no space in my freezer because of all the Christmas goodies!

Last night Big Boy and I were running a few chores and I found the Goodfellas pizza voucher in my pocket, so we popped into Asda to have a look and sure enough, they had one of the Goodfellas Flavour Fellas Pizzas that I wanted to try. Today I cooked the pizza as per the instructions on the box (very simple, remove packaging and put in the oven which you have remembered to turn on either straight on the shelf for crispy or on a tray for a softer crust) and have just sat watching the end of a Christmas film and polished off almost the entire pizza.

Frozen Goodfellas Meaty Fella Pizza

The pizza is actually delicious, and that's pretty much why I've eaten way more of it than I should have. Like I say, the things I do for my blog. Do you know how long I'm going to have to spend in the gym burning the calories of this pizza off now?!

Cooked Meaty Fella Pizza from Goodfellas

The Flavour Fellas have a RRP of £2.69 but I brought it for £2.50 in Asda last night (and I'm sure there are other deals on in other supermarkets). I do think that they will be falling into my trolley again in the near future... now if we could only get them to make a gluten free one for Daddy too.

I had a voucher to buy a pizza up to the value of £2.69. If I had hated the pizza I would tell you, but it was actually really nice and I didn't burn it.

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