Big Boy's Nativity

This year Big Boy is taking a big interest in my Nativity set. As it is rather delicate, I knew that something had to be done to stop him from playing with it and accidentally breaking it, although I wasn't sure what. When walking round Tesco the other day I saw a sweet little Wooden Nativity set and I knew that Big Boy would love it. After explaining how precious to me my Nativity set was, I gave Big Boy his own Nativity set. He was rather proud of his new acquisition and set about retelling the Nativity using his little figures. I thought that everything was good and left him to it.

Big Boy had other ideas though. 

Big Boy playing with his Nativity

Big Boy decided after a little while that his Nativity figures were actually children and that they needed to know what they were going to grow up to be and so he put all his figures next to my Nativity figures... and moved them all to be in a circle around the Baby Jesus again!

Big Boy's Nativity from Tesco

After explaining again to Big Boy that his Nativity set was for him to play with and mine was just for looking at, he seemed to understand and got back to playing with his set again. It's been a brilliant buy and I'm so pleased that Big Boy loves it.

Tesco didn't pay me to write this, or ask me, or anything. I just thought you'd like to know because it's a cute little Nativity and it's about Big Boy and not diabetes for a change!

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