Primula Pods for your Lunchbox

As many of you know when I'm planning the lunches for the children for the week I try not to give them something totally new to them for lunch, just in case they don't like it. I wouldn't want them to go hungry, especially Big Boy as if he doesn't eat everything in his lunch box he would suffer from a low blood sugar because everything is measure in detail for him.

Primula asked if I would be interested in trying their new Pods out in Top Ender's and Big Boy's lunch boxes and seeing as they both love Primula I thought this could be a great plan. Mistake Number one was thinking this was a great plan. One Saturday lunch time I realised that we had nothing in the house suitable for lunch and we needed to eat as we were going out. Cue much giggling from the children as I "stole" some of Daddy's bread and found the Primula Pods in the fridge.

Primula Pods for your Lunchbox

I made the children a sandwich using the pods and the children hated them. I wasn't sure if it was because they didn't like the gluten free bread or if it was the Primula Pods. Luckily the children have short memories and when I snuck a couple in their lunch boxes they ate them with no complaint.

Last night Daddy and I were after a late night snack and I hunted out the Primula Pods with chives. I knew that the children wouldn't like this range as despite green being Big Boy's favourite colour anything with "bits" in is not his or Top Ender's favourite anything. Daddy and I really liked the Chive flavoured pods and I have put one into the Children's lunch box today... I just hope that they like them too!

Primula Pods for your Lunchbox

Primula Pods (5x20g net) are stocked in Morrison’s and in independent retailers and are priced around £1.29, which is rather handy as Daddy can pop into Morrisons in the New Year to buy the chive ones to keep as a snack in the fridge at work.

We were sent a cold pack with two bags of Primula Pods in them to review.

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