What's For Lunch? (W/C 31/12)

With having a plan working so much better for me I have planned lunches for this week, even though Tops and BB aren't at School and so I don't have to make the lunches until it is really lunch time. Daddy isn't back to work until Wednesday, so he'll be eating with us on Monday and Tuesday, but as of Wednesday he has to fend for himself again!

Monday - Bacon or Sausage Rolls

It depends on who wants what, but today we'll be munching on a Bacon roll for lunch unless we are Big Boy in which case we'll be eating a Sausage in a roll!

Tuesday - Cheese Toasties

We all love cheese toasties as they are so easy to make and who doesn't love gloopy cheese?!

Wednesday - Ham Sandwiches

I've gone back to having 50/50 bread as the children were upset that we didn't have white bread. They are fussy little so and so's as I'm pretty sure that bread is bread and it doesn't matter what it looks like just what it tastes like!

Thursday - Sausage Pie

Top Ender has asked if she and Big Boy can have Sausage Pie for lunch today. I've decided that they can have a small one together for lunch as they may be having a rather large evening meal if we do go out for dinner to a restaurant, with it being Top Ender's birthday.

Friday - Top Ender's Friday Lunch and Big Boy's too 

I don't yet have an idea in mind for Top Ender and Big Boy's Friday lunch this Friday, but with it being the first Friday of the year I want it to be something rather lovely and fun and something that they would like and would be too hard to do in a lunch box... if anyone has any ideas please let me know!

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