What's For Lunch? (W/C 24/12)

I hadn't intended to plan any lunches this week, I figured that we'd have more than enough in our fridge to keep us well fed, but it was this evening that I realised that we do need to plan. I'm terrible without a plan, I'll forget to feed the children, or feed them so late that it will screw up Big Boy's blood sugar levels and with this week being partly about feasting I don't want to screw them up even more than they will be!

Monday - Elf Pasta

The children and I are at home today and Daddy is at work, so we're going to have a bento lunch, and I'm going to attempt to make an elf for the children. I hope it works, if it doesn't then I'll tell them that the strange mix I've made is what the Elves eat before they go on their final checks of peoples houses to give them enough carbs to do their jobs properly.

Tuesday - Leftovers/Bubble and Squeak

Technically we are having a Roast Dinner for lunch as we'll eat our Roast at lunch time, but for some reason when ever we have a roast for lunch I still call it dinner and then lunch when we eat in the evening. Anyhoo. Leftovers it is, and I figure probably some Bubble and Squeak.

Wednesday - Leftovers (again!)

Again technically this is going to be an evening meal as my Nan is coming to spend some time with us during the day and so we're going to be eating with her. There will hopefully be a lot of leftovers   and teamed up with yesterdays we should be able to make something rather yummy. If not then it's beans on toast for the children!

Thursday - Sandwiches

Yup, using up the leftovers in a soup would be a good idea, but no. Instead we're eating them in Sandwiches. Anything you want in a sandwich, so it could be a potato sandwich (I LOVE potato sandwiches), a ham sandwich, a cheese sandwich, a salad sandwich, a turkey sandwich, a cake sandwich...

Friday - Sausage Sandwiches

Hopefully by now we've used up all the leftovers. If we haven't well then we just haven't been feasting enough! As it is a Friday we should be having a Special Lunch, but something that all of us will eat. I decided in the end to go with Sausage Sandwiches. Big Boy loves making them, as he knows how, and so it'll be a treat for him.

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