What We Are Eating This Week (W/C 15/12)

I did have a great meal plan for the whole of December all worked out, but for some strange reason I haven't wanted to stick to it so this is what I want to eat this week as opposed to what I had planned!

Saturday - Sheppard's Pie

Today Top Ender and I are taking part in a service project through our Church ward and going to sing at a local Old Folks Home. As we are going to be dashing about doing this and then taking my Mum shopping, I thought I should get Daddy to make dinner and as he makes a lovely Sheppard's pie...

Sheppard's Pie or Cottage Pie depending on what Mince Daddy uses.

Sunday - Pork Chop Roast

Again today is really busy. In the morning we have Church and Top Ender is in the Nativity, so Big Boy and Daddy will be joining me to watch it. Then of course we are all home for lunch and an afternoon of doing some things together before finally in the evening I head back to Church for our Carol Concert. If you'd like to attend and you are in the Milton Keynes area it starts at 6:30pm and you can find us at High Street/Dansteed Way, Two Mile Ask, MK8 8LH.

Monday - Sausages and Mash

I have to be kind to Daddy as I'm going to give him fish tomorrow which he will inwardly complain about. So in order to butter him up tonight he has Sausages and Mash! The sausages we buy are 100% meat because of Daddy having to have food that is Gluten free and I make the mash with milk but not butter so it's a healthy option really.

Tuesday - Oven Baked Haddock

I know that Daddy isn't that keen on fish, but I am and as I'm cooking I win. Plus this is really easy as all you do is top the fish with a crumb/herb topping (I'll also add in some chopped tomato and some onion too I think) and bake in the oven. I'm going to serve it with spiced wedges as I know that Daddy does like those. Also today is Big Boy's first Nativity at School, he is playing a Wiseman and is really excited about i, this has nothing to do with Fish I just wanted to mention it!

Wednesday - Chicken and Rice 

Tops and Daddy are off to Top Ender's Carol Concert at School tonight (I'm going in the morning) so dinner has to be something that is filling, quick and more importantly doesn't smell! I thought that it would be best to go for something simple and so that's why we are having Baked Chicken and Rice!

Chicken and Rice

Thursday - Everything in Pasta

I love everything is Pasta. I tend to keep a lot of different frozen vegetables in the freezer and I always have vegetables that need using up in the fridge. Everything in Pasta is just how I use up the hot dogs, and ham and sliced peppers, and chopped onion, and peas and tomatoes up. The great thing is that it always tastes great and the better news is that it gives me a good reason to clean out my freezer before a certain big day!

Friday - McDonalds

Yes I know Fast food on a Friday. Sue me.

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