Why I was Missing

So you might have noticed, if you're a stalker (like Rachel Gurr!), that for a couple of weeks I hadn't posted a plan for dinner or for lunches. In fact I'd been a bit slack with the whole blog posting thing for a few days really and despite most of you knowing that I'm not MIA with my infrequent tweeting, occasional Facebook posts and for the lucky few middle of the night renditions of Rockin' Robin there are some who might be wondering just what the heck is going on.

Well it's simple. I'm being a Mum, Wife, Auntie, Sister, Daughter and Swagbuck Queen.

Thursday night the Children and I watched The Yummy Gummy Search For Santa Movie (available to buy now) which we had been sent and had us giggling, dancing and eating jelly.

The Yummy Gummy Search For Santa Movie

Then on the Friday, Top Ender, Big Boy, Daddy and I headed over to Leighton Buzzard to have dinner with my Sister and her family and my Mum. We had Fish and Chips and then headed off to the Town Centre for the Christmas Lights being turned on. It was amazing fun all bundled up warm together at the Market Cross, it was even more fun when the fireworks started just a few moments after the lights were turned on and in a typical British Crowd moment the biggest cheer came when one of the local shops burglar alarm went off as a particularly loud firework exploded overhead.

Cousins All Together

Cousins All Together

Then on Saturday we headed off to Big Cousin's Christmas School Fete. We wanted a nosey around her School and a Christmas Fete gives you access to almost every where! We followed this up with a trip to the Supermarket with my Mum, but as I hadn't written a shopping list it was a very confusing affair for me and meant I didn't write a menu plan all week!!!

Sunday morning found me at Church and Sunday afternoon had us putting up our Christmas Tree and watching a Christmas Movie on the Projector.

Then last week was so busy for me, with me spending half my time going to the School for one reason or another (the children were tag teaming me I swear), me finally getting the kitchen cleaned, the Bathroom being given a professional Clean (more about that in my Viakal post), a couple of friends coming for a visit, Christmas present buying, Swagbucks earning and a lot more besides.

The good news is that this little break from blogging has meant that I'm ready to blog again, so no more little breaks from me!

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