Family Resolutions

This week I've been thinking about family resolutions. I had spoken to Daddy about them and had a few in mind that I thought would be sensible for us to work towards this year. Then in Church yesterday we had a joint meeting where we talked together about resolutions and how we don't need to wait until January 1st to make them. It's true we don't, but it is a good focal point for people to work from and whilst we work on the ones I've listed below it doesn't mean we won't be making new ones through the year.

1) Have a date night with Daddy at least once a month. We are planning on having a take away on a Saturday night once a month and watching a film together. If we can get a babysitter then we might even push the boat out and go out to a pub or something. Seeing as neither of us drink we're not sure if this is really a good idea!

2) Have a family night each week.  We do love each other and we love spending time together, but we need to really spend some proper time together. I'm thinking that we should have a craft night one week, a game night another week, a Lego night another week etc. With no TV distractions we think that some solid family time could benefit everyone.

3) Give the children chores. The children have had chores in the past and they have been good about doing them, but sometimes Daddy and I might do their chores for them if they took too long to get them done. This time though we're going to make sure they do their chores!

4) Go for weekly family walks. The family that exercises together, stays together, and walks in the Winter are just as fun as the walks we go on in the Spring and Summer. It doesn't have to be something long and far away, just walking to the local park once a week will be good enough as long as we all do it together.

5) Complete more of our Family Fun List. We have this great list full of things we'd like to do one day and the only way we are ever going to complete it is if we actually actively try to accomplish some goals. I'd like to knock at least twelve off this year, as that is only one a month.

There are other small things that we want to do, we want to pray more as a family, we want to show better charity to others and we want to make sure that our friends know we are here for them. The great thing is that whilst we have these five big main goals, it doesn't stop us from taking on smaller goals during the year it just helps us to focus on what is important to us as a family.

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