Warner Brothers DVD's - Fun For Grown Up's and Children!

After the lovely guys and gals at Warner Brothers read my review of The Vampire Diaries and realised that I was now a dedicated fan they asked if they could send me a special treat. I was delighted to find that they had sent me the box set for Series Two and for Series Three! I was seriously over the moon and had to wait for a few days when Big Boy was finally at School full time and didn't need me to go in at lunch time to supervise the giving of his injection as I didn't want to start watching the series only to have to pause them whilst I ran out for half an hour!

Vampire Diaries Second SeasonVampire Diaries Third Season

If you're not a fan of Vampires then you really aren't going to understand why the DVD's are so great, but if you can give the series a go. If you have a teenager over 15 (or you're lenient like that) then these DVD's are either a great stocking filler (if you only buy one or have brilliant stockings in your house) or a great under the tree gift. Personally I think that they are a great gift for those young at heart aunties and other female relations you have that you are never sure what to get as they are too young for monogrammed hankies and too nice for a joke gift.

Warner Brothers were also great and sent Tops and Big Boy a HUGE parcel of DVD's for Halloween which we took with us on our Holiday to Scotland. It was a huge relief not to have to find DVD's that Big Boy and Top Ender hadn't watched and both liked and that were seasonal too. The kids loved the films, but not as much as me as I watched them after they had gone to bed

Warner Brothers Halloween DVD's

Talking of Seasonal, I'm going to go and pick up the children so we can watch The Polar Express as our after school treat and maybe have some Hot Chocolate too!

Warner Brothers sent us the DVD's which is really nice of them because we like DVD's.

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