Can we cope? Yes, we can.

One of the things that we were warned about by the Diabetic Care Team at the Hospital, was how to react and cope when Big Boy got ill. When a diabetic child gets ill, things can change in an instant, blood sugars can drop to dangerous levels or sky rocket to dangerous levels. That's right if it isn't the normal number then it's dangerous and there are a lot of problems that can quickly follow.

For the last couple of days Big Boy hasn't been right. He hasn't wanted to eat, but he has. Until yesterday lunchtime when he left half his lunch. This is a problem when you've measured out how many carbs and given the required amount of insulin. After School the teachers told me that he'd been quiet this afternoon. Not low quiet, but possibly coming down with a bug quiet.

Big Boy had gone back into the School to get his Wellies and a picture for his cousin that he had drawn when suddenly he had felt quite queasy and had thrown up all over the sharing time mat.

I was ready for this, we got BB home and tested his blood sugars. Normal range, a little low but normal range. We tested his ketones in another blood test and they were raised, 0.8. A glass of Apple Juice and a half hour snooze later and Big Boy was feeling a bit better. Another blood test gave him normal blood sugars and ketones of only 0.4.

We could cope with this. No Hospital for us.

And then Big Boy threw up again.

Dinner time came. Big Boy didn't want to eat, but he has to eat something so he can have an injection. We talked about what he would eat and settled upon Porridge. Nice, easy to eat porridge. Big Boy managed two mouthfuls before deciding that he couldn't eat any more.

And then Big Boy threw up again.

I managed to get Big Boy to bed, if we were going to Hospital I needed as much sleep before we went as possible. A midnight blood test had us on the phone to the Children's Hospital Ward. Daddy speaking to them whilst I cuddled Big Boy and offered a prayer on his behalf.

We can cope with this. Please no hospital for us.

And the Doctor and Nurses agreed. Let him sleep. Test again and call us if there is a change. If his blood sugars go above 8 or if his ketones rise you call us and we'll decide about bringing him in.

So we went back to sleep. Big Boy and I snuggling in mine and Daddy's bed, Daddy with Big Boy's teddies in Big Boy's bed. Everyone who knows me offering a prayer on our behalf.

They can cope with this. Please no hospital for them.

Another test. Everything is fine. Another prayer

We are coping with this. Thank you for helping us with this. Please though, no hospital.

Nearly time for another test. Can I have something to eat Mummy?

So it's 5am and we're in the living room, eating cake and an orange because that's what BB wants.

The next test time slowly creeping up on us.

Can we cope? I really don't know. Will we be off to the hospital? I really don't know.

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