The Annual "I Love My Child More Than You Love Yours Competition"

A few years ago at our School it was suggested rather than bringing in a tray of biscuits or fruit or sandwiches for all the children to share in one class party that they should instead bring in their own lunch as normal, but it could be a special lunch. The lunch box could be decorated, or they could add in a special chocolate bar treat (we aren't allowed chocolate bars in our lunch boxes normally) or if you are like me you could just make a normal lunch that looks nice and pretty anyway.

Top Ender's Friday Lunch And Big Boy's Too! Logo

So today all the mothers will try to out do all the other mothers with decorated lunch boxes and special treats. I feel sorry for those who read the note that came home from School and didn't realise that they have been entered in to a competition to see who loves their child the most...

Yes, I have added some little extras to the lunch box today thanks to Hobbycraft who sent me a lovely box full of things to have a Christmas Party with. Yes, I have made a special Friday lunch as I normally do each Friday and Yes there is a little more effort in this one than normal but I said that I had planned this last Sunday, before the note came home telling us that the party lunches were to be brought in this Friday.

The Goodies from Hobbycraft

I haven't done this to show the other Parents that I love my children more than they love their children. I haven't done this to show off my wonderful skills of lunch making. I haven't done this to make Top Ender and Big Boy the talk of the school or envy of their School mates.

I have made a special party lunch for my children because I wanted to.

Hobbycraft sent me a huge box of stuff and a rather smashing Christmas Card.

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