What' We Are Eating This Week (W/C 22/12)

It's taken me all day to stop feeling sick so that I can write up what is for dinner this week. I had, luckily, decided whilst I was sitting in the hospital waiting room on Friday what the menu was and written out a shopping list so Daddy who is merely feeling rubbish rather than actually being ill was able to put everything in motion.

Saturday - McDonalds

Today, had I not been ill, I would have been taking my Mum shopping as normal. I had said that this week we would remember to bring her injection with us (she is also a type 1 diabetic like Big Boy) so that she could eat with us and so that I could take her on a light hunt too. With me having been in bed almost all day, this has meant that this was cancelled. Luckily the children reminded Daddy that as they were healthy it didn't mean they didn't have to not eat dinner... they are tucking into it now.

Sunday - Lasagne

I figured that as we are going to be having the biggest roast of the year on Tuesday that we shouldn't have one today. I was talking with my Mum and she said that she thought Lasagne would be a good choice because all my family love it and wouldn't mind missing a roast for it!

Monday - Take Away

I swear that we have a tradition that means we have Chinese on Christmas Eve, but I can't find mention of it anywhere on my blog or my Facebook status updates. Daddy did confirm that he thinks we should have a take away because with all being well I should have cooked our Turkey during the day and so Daddy thought I deserved a day off.


Whoop whoop! This year Daddy is having pate for starter, Top Ender and Big Boy are having Melon and I'm having Smoked Mackerel Pate! Yay! I loved this when I made it in Scotland with the Fish Is The Dish team and knew it would be a great Christmas Starter. The main course is of course Turkey, Roast Potatoes, New Potatoes, Peas, Carrots, Sprouts, Yorkshire Puddings, Little Sausages, Stuffing and Gravy. At least it will be for everyone well enough to eat it.

Christmas Dinner Past

Wednesday - Gammon

My Nan is hopefully coming over to see us today (well I'm going to pick her up from her Hotel where she is staying with my Uncle) and I thought that along with leftovers from yesterday we could have some Gammon. I was going to cook it in Dr Pepper as I found a recipe for it online, but I remembered that would probably add carbs to the carb free Gammon and then Big Boy wouldn't be able to eat his fill. I'm sure I'l find a great way of cooking it.

Thursday - Leftovers

I'm guessing that after two big days of eating (if we are well enough) we'll be drowning in Leftovers and that it would probably be best if we could use up as much of them as we could. So it's a cold buffet style supper tonight.

Friday - Pork

I had originally planned to have Stirfry Pork tonight, but I'm not sure now. I think that we will just have to wait until Friday to see what we are feeling like eating!

So that's enough from me. What are you eating this week? What are you having on Christmas Day?

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