What's For Lunch? (W/C 17/12)

This is the last week at School for Top Ender and Big Boy before the Christmas Holidays, so we have to make this weeks lunches extra special. I also have to remember to post the pictures on my Facebook and Tumblr pages because I know that some of you like to pin them on Pinterest (Feel free to follow me!) and some of you just like to laugh at my sometimes terrible artistic talent!

Monday - Baby Jesus Mangers

Did you know that Mince pies used to be filled with meat rather than fruit and were oval shaped rather than round because they were supposed to be representative of the manger and the lid was supposed to be represent the swaddling? This is one of those "little facts" that I know and when I tell others they look at me as if I've been at the Christmas Brandy, which as we all know doesn't exist in my house. Well today, we've got my tribute to the original manger shaped mince pies aka a Sausage Roll!

Tuesday - Rudolph Sandwiches

Some lovely Rudolph Sandwiches are planned for today, whole wheat bread which gives him that lovely brown coat he and the other reindeer must be proud of and cheese slices inside because who doesn't like a little cheese? The antlers and nose are a little bit of a secret, because I know that Top Ender has been reading the blog this weekend and I don't want all the surprise spoilt!

Big Boy as Rudolph

Wednesday - Angel Wing Hot Dog Sandwiches

Top Ender is going to need a hearty lunch today as she is spending the morning outside with The Parks Trust, so today is a hot lunch for the children using their Bento Thermos Boxes. There was much debate over what the lunch should be, so that it was Christmas themed, hot and tasty and in the end we decided on Hot Dog Sandwiches. Mainly because with Golden Triangles of Sandwiches, we can pretend that they are Angel Wings!

Thursday - Gingerbread Houses or possibly people

A bit ambitious, but I'm going to attempt to make a gingerbread house sandwich for lunch... I just hope it stays together until lunch and works! If it doesn't work before the children head off to School then Gingerbread Men it is.

Friday - Top Ender's Friday Lunch and Big Boy's Too!

This has to be the best School Christmas Themed lunch ever as I know that the children will be expecting something wonderful... I just hope that I can pull off something they will both love! As this is also the last day at School before the Christmas break I've got some lovely secret treats to add in to the lunch box.

Is it the last week at School for you before the Christmas Holidays? Do you have any pre Christmas lunches to look forward to?

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