Fame At Milton Keynes Theatre #Review

Fame is one of those musicals that EVERYONE knows. I mean if I were to stand out in my street right now and shout/sing;

"Remember my name, FAME!"

I can guarantee that somebody would shout/sing back;

"I'm gonna live forever, I'm gonna learn how to fly, high!"

In fact, I bet you did it too. It's impossible to resist and has to be in our DNA or something. It's not like we all grew up watching the film and the TV Series... oh wait we did!

Fame 30th anniversary tour banner

Top Ender and I went to see the touring musical at Milton Keynes Theatre last night (We got the tickets from them for the purpose of this review) and we were so pumped up when we left, talking about how we wanted to go and join a Performing Arts School and which department we think would take us (Acting, Dance, Music) and if either of us was a triple threat.

Top Ender with the programme at Milton Keynes Theatre

We totally are, apart from neither of us can dance.

Just like the movie and TV Show, Fame The Musical follows the complicated lives of a new intake of wannabe famous young students at New York’s High School For The Performing Arts, aka PA. These young performers may all be super talented but they all have to learn the hard way that celebrity status doesn’t come easy.

The Students in Fame The Musical

The show deals with unrequited love, dyslexia, the importance of education, drugs, dieting, being yourself, finding yourself, pride, prejudice (sounds like a great book huh?), sexuality, sex and most importantly NEVER GIVING UP!

It's funny, for a show set in the 1980's the issues are still relevant today with young people still wanting to be famous by any means and wanting the quick fix rather than working the long hard route as anyone who has anything to do with the Entertainment profession knows.

Oh my gosh, I just realised I've learnt a lesson from a Musical.

Well, if you are about you can buy tickets from ATG to see the show, which is at Milton Keynes until the 29th June 2019 and make sure to send me a hello if you are in the area!