Top Ender Taking Her Mocks

Top Ender is starting her last set of Mocks of Year Ten today.

It's hard to believe that in a years time, this portion of her life will be over and she'll be ready to start the next phase of her education, and before I know it that will be over and the phase after that and before I know it I'll be thinking about my grandchildren taking their exams.

That's not what I'm thinking about today, however. Today I'm thinking about Top Ender.

Top Ender all beautiful, smart and ready to take on the world

Top Ender who practices at least 100 questions a day for her different Science subjects and is having trouble memorising her physics formulas, but doesn't let that stop her from trying and getting me to ask her various questions at different times of the day just to check she knows what she is supposed to know.

Top Ender who discusses quotes and themes and character development for Romeo and Juliet with me, her brother, her Dad... basically anyone who will listen and discuss the play with her.

Top Ender who will spend the evenings over the next two weeks revising and relaxing and serving and getting ready for the different exams she is sitting.

Today I'm sending her all the positive vibes I can, it's less good luck and more I know you can do it and I know you are going to smash it.