The Second School Residential

Dan Jon is going away on another residential soon.

This time, I'm not quite as calm as I was last time, but of course, I've not let him know that. The problem is last time, last time he was only an hour down the road, and happened to be just five minutes from where Flyfour worked.

This time?

This time he's over four hours and a ferry ride away.

Dan Jon looking super cool and suave

I've compensated by buying him practically a whole new wardrobe and having to sell my internal organs to pay for it. I've sat with him and named everything, every sock, pair of pants, t-shirts, shorts and trousers and even shoes.

We've packed a bag of supplies for his Diabetic needs. Spare cannulas, tubing, fast-acting glucose, spare needles, spare insulin pens, batteries, the carb and cals book... EVERYTHING that he could ever need.

And I'm still in a panic.

He'll be fine right?

Actually thinking of the last residential he went on, and how he accidentally punched a member of staff in the face when she was doing a blood test during the night, the staff looking after him will be fine right?