What We Are Eating W/C 29th June 2019

Dan Jon is away this coming week on his School residential. Top Ender is excited because she doesn't remember what it is like to be an only child (It's like she forgot the residential he went on last year!) and so she's hoping that the full attention of both parents will be on her! I say it's more time for me to give her food that she's not keen on and not have her brother eat it for her... not that she would do that of course.

Top Ender and PippaD

This week for breakfast, Top Ender and I are having a variety of breakfasts. One day we're having fish (not Top Ender's favourite) but I'm giving it to her with lots of other favourite foods (she's asked for those that contain chocolate) so hopefully, I'll convert her to someone who LOVES fish for breakfast. Yeah, it's so not happening.

Saturday - Ribs

Flyfour and I went for a quick shop this morning and saw some ribs, which we knew we had to have for our evening meal today. Luckily Flyfour cooks at the weekend, so I don't have to worry about them, or the wedges he's going to do with them!

Sunday - Summer Chicken with Salad and Rice

This is a variation of a meal that my Mum would always prepare in the Summer and it always makes me feel so much more, I dunno, Summery I guess! I was chatting with Top Ender and she was saying that she doesn't want hot food in hot weather, but a little bit of rice and some salad along with chicken would be lush and we'd all be happy and summery!

Monday - Omelette

Tops and I love a good Omelette. Dan Jon doesn't. Yes, we are indulging because he is away. We're giving Flyfour something else, one of the GF items that we have in the fridge or freezer, he can just decide when he gets home!

Tops and I are going to have peppers, ham, mushrooms (don't tell Tops, I'm cutting them up small), tomatoes and spinach in our omelettes as well as some other vegetables that we have hiding in the fridge and of course the all-important CHEESE!

Tuesday - Steak and Salad with Jacket Potatoes

I'm helping with Rainbows this evening, so when we get home and before we go out to youth we are going to quickly eat. Luckily Steak only takes minutes to cook, because like us Tops likes it rare or medium rare and we'll do the jacket potatoes in the slow cooker, so we don't need to worry about them.

Wednesday - Pasta Salad

We (Tops and I) were thinking that we would have a meal from our local Fried Chicken restaurant, but we realised that we were both choosing it because we thought the other wanted it. So I decided that tonight we'd have a pasta salad together. It's basically going to have all the things the Omelette did and as Flyfour isn't going to be home until late, we'll make it with non-gluten free pasta and eat any spares for lunch tomorrow.

Thursday - Takeaway Curry

Top Ender doesn't have Guides tonight so we're spending the evening hanging out together and more than likely we'll pop to visit with some friends who are having a 4th July party, before coming together and having a massive Curry with Flyfour and possibly watching a film together too.

I just want a Naan bread, some papadums with that red onion chutney and if I'm really lucky Lamb Rogan Josh that I don't have to share with Top Ender and Flyfour!

Friday - Poutine

Dan Jon is back today and we asked him what he'd want to have as his first meal back and after much careful thought and deliberation Poutine came out as his clear winner. I can't say that we are disappointed with his choice, we all love this Canadian dish, even if we have changed it a little for these British palates of ours!