Packed Lunches

I wanted to include this in the Food Challenge for June post, because I think it is important but realised that it is so long, you'd probably all fall asleep reading all about the Food Challenge and this as well. So I thought a second post about what I include in packed lunches would be in order and it could also help out anyone who is struggling with what to include in a packed lunch.

So here we go!

A young Dan Jon with his lunch box

One Carb/Main

Our main part of the meal does tend to be carb based, (but isn't always as you can see there are some Crustless Quiches there and they are always devoured by any children I give them too) because despite what some diets say, I am of the persuasion (as are the health care team that look after my child) that carbs are needed by children to grow.

Ham and Salad Sandwich or Wraps
Cheese and Cucumber/Tomato Sandwich
Tuna Mayo with Spring Onion and Lettuce Sandwich or Wraps
Smoked Salmon and Cream Cheese Bagels
Pasta Pot with Ham and Veggies
Pizza Muffins
Crustless Quiche
Make your own lunchables (Ham, Cheese, Tomato/Cucumber and crackers)

Two Pieces of Fruit or Veg

Luckily my two love eating fruit and most vegetables. This way I get to fill them up with the good stuff and here's a little sneaky bit of information, seeing as they think they just get two portions they are more than willing to eat more at home as a snack, or with their breakfast or evening meal... but they really get three as I sneak a potion into the sandwich or wrap above too!

Cucumber pieces
Carrot Sticks
Cherry Tomatoes
Apple Slices
Pear Slices
Dried Fruit
Fruit Juice

One portion of Dairy

Growing bones = the need for dairy. I tend to freeze yoghurts and use them as additional ice-packs in the lunch box and have you ever eaten a slightly frozen yoghurt? They are really nice!

Milk or Milkshake
Cheese Slices

One Treat

A lot of schools have banned having chocolate in a lunch box, but I like to treat the children with a sweet treat or something that we don't usually eat (such as crisps) as I think it helps children to regulate what they eat. Nobody is going to binge if they get a small treat each day.

Home Made Cake or Muffin
Malt Loaf

One Drink

Both Tops and Dan Jon will drink water during the day at School, and drink plenty at home too, so sometimes it's nice to have another drink in their lunchbox. If it is warm and if the drink water, squash or flavoured water I will freeze the bottle or package and use the drink as another ice pack. This way it gives them a nice slushy drink, which is fun on a hot day and means the lunch stays cool until they get to eat it!

Flavoured Water
Fruit Juice/Milk/Milkshake as mentioned above in the fruit or dairy categories.

So there you go, some suggestions of what I include in a lunchbox for my children.