June's Food Challenge

I don't think I've ever done a June Food Challenge before and to be honest I don't think this really counts as being a food challenge either...

I think I've mentioned before that I feel guilty for being a fairly useless stay-at-home Mum when my husband works hours on end to support us. I mean I'm terrible at keeping the house clean and tidy and doing the other things that I'm supposed to do. I can't contribute to the finances by getting a job, because who would be here during the holidays to look after the children or on sick days, or inset days or take them to their hospital appointments?

There is one thing I can do.

PippaD on the Beach
I am in charge of making our meal plans and shopping and how much we spend on our weekly shop and so that's what I'm working on this month.

I'm trying to do a no spend challenge, or rather a limited spend challenge, but still ensuring that the family eat two portions of fish a week, that they eat at least six portions of fruit or veg a day, that everyone is happy and doesn't go hungry.


Breakfast is going to be Cereal or Toast or something equally as cheap, filling and tasty, with a glass of Milk or Fruit Juice depending on how we feel/what we fancy or what else we are eating/drinking that day and a portion of fruit.


If Dan Jon isn't having a School lunch then a packed lunch for both Top Ender and Dan Jon will be as set out in the Lunch explanation post.

If Dan Jon is having a School lunch, he gets a little Salad, a slice of bread, a glass of milk or water and pudding too. He always has fish and chips on Friday (which is one of his portions of fish a week and it is baked not fried) and the other days switches between vegetarian options and meat options.

Top Ender will pick something up from School too. She tends to get Curry Pots (Chicken Curry and Rice) or a Wrap along with a packet of popcorn and a drink. If the weather is good, she will also occasionally buy an Ice-cream, which I think is a great idea as an occasional treat, but no fish, which means the odd fishy snack between after school and her time spent as a young leader with the Guides!

Evening Meals

For our evening meals, we are going simple each night and I have a feeling that we are soon going to be sick of the following meals. We're clearing out all the treats we have in the cupboard too, I'm pretty sure we still have some treats from Easter and possibly from Christmas and last Halloween that we really should really get rid of or eat, which the children will have as a dessert each night if they want.

Monday: Beans on Toast (with possible Poached Egg if requested)
Tuesday: Tuna Steaks and Salad
Wednesday: Hot Dog Toasties with Salad
Thursday: Tomato Soup with Cheesy Bread
Friday: Hot Dog Nachos and Salad

So that's what's happening this month and this week! Hopefully, all will work out and I'll feel better about what I am spending each week on groceries.