June's Fitness Challenge

I made the mistake of saying something about a challenge for fitness near my phone and so now I'm being bombarded with "Personal Challenges" adverts on Facebook and to be honest, it was driving me crazy. So crazy, that I clicked on one of the adverts to see what it was about and saw that for a smallish fee, you could join a challenge where you walk or run or swim or cycle a certain amount of miles (that you have decided you could do from a preset amount) and then after submitting your data they send you a medal, if you reached your challenge goal.

I was kinda impressed and wanted to sign the whole family up, which would have cost about £34. To be honest, the cost really isn't that much, but I thought it might be more sensible if to start with the family and I did a challenge to see that we would actually follow through before we started rewarding ourselves with medals and spending out money that we could be spending on other things.

A Family Walk

Like Dr Pepper Petrol.

So. This month, we are having a challenge where we want the Grown-ups to walk 40 miles and the children only have to walk 20.

If we reach the goal of our challenge, then we are going to do something fun, which at the moment is a toss-up between Swimming or visiting a Pottery Painting Place, but we all think the main thing about having achieved our success will be having succeeded...

Scrap that, Dan Jon and I were talking and he explained that like me he likes tangible things so I just signed him and his sister up to get a medal this month for a grand total of £14 because I'm a sucker where this kid is concerned.

We'll still have our swimming or pottery painting trip, just the medal will be an extra nice touch!