Weekend Meals and Family Time 8-9th June 2019

This weekend I was supposed to be out with the Brownies, but Flyfour has had to work and so the children and I are hanging out together. We're quite excited as we have a lot planned, we may visit a local Carnival or we might go to Town, or we might even just stay at home and play a few computer games because the weather looks to be a little bit dodgy!

As Flyfour is off out, we're having a little bit of a treat today with regards to what we are eating and we are eating some of my special favourite food because I'm in charge and nobody can tell me otherwise!

PippaD being all in charge and grown up like

This weekend we're having;

Saturday Lunch - Cheese Toasties
Saturday Evening Meal - Chinese Take Away from Chopstix Noodle Bar

We have a film to watch (I've got a bit of a Disney thing going on at the moment, so we're planning on watching either an old movie that we've seen thousands of times before or we're going to watch one of our favourite Stupid Ghibli films) so we're planning on popping some popcorn and I'm totally adding marshmallows to mine.

We're also going to make sure we go to bed on time so that we get a good nights sleep!

Sunday Lunch - Toad in the Hole
Sunday Evening Meal - Cold Meats and Cheese

At some point Sunday, we will be going for a family walk, but I'm not sure if the weather is going to cooperate, so we might all just huddle up and pretend that it's the end of the world and read... actually scratch the whole walk thing, we'll just do that last thing.

Oh and I forgot to say, the children have been told that they are being expected to cook with us Adults on the weekend, to increase the amount of time we spend together and to increase their cooking skills too.