Weekend Meals And Family Time 1-2 June 2019

This weekend is again one of those busy ones that seem to be happening more and more frequently for me. This weekend is Stake Conference, which I'm excited about as I love getting together with other people in my stake and I love the time I get with Top Ender in the car. Luckily this is one of only two "busy" weekends that we have planned for a few weeks, so I'm hoping that means it is plain sailing for the rest of the summer!

Yummy yummy dinner

This weekend we're having;

Saturday Lunch - Tuna Mayo Sandwiches
Saturday Evening Meal - Burgers with Wedges

I am going to Stake Conference on Saturday afternoon, and Top Ender is going to come with me and study/watch a film on her laptop whilst the "leaders" session is going on, then we'll share some food together before going to the general adult session before finally going home.

When we do, Flyfour and I have a date planned, where we're going to do some filling and work out a new budget whilst catching up on some TV we have recorded/saved on Netflix for a special evening. I'm sure that we'll enjoy it because it is time together.

Sunday Lunch - Chicken with Salad and New Potatoes
Sunday Evening Meal - Cheese and Crackers

At some point Sunday, we will go for a family walk. We have set a target, which I'll talk about on Tuesday for us as a family to hit this June, which means a lot of family walks together! This, of course, will be after we get back from Stake Conference and before we all go to bed early ready for a new working week and the countdown to Dan Jon leaving Primary School.