Thanks For Everything Flyfour

Flyfour won't read this until he is on the train on his way to work. You see, like the good husband he is, he ensures to keep up to date with what I've written and not just because he wants to know what we have for our evening meals or to see if I've been talking about him!

Today was Father's Day. I had plans to write a whole post about how he is actually the best Father, Friend and Husband in the world, but germs prevented me. So I just wanted to put something up quickly to show him how thankful I am for him and for his many talents.

Flyfour aka my very handsome husband

Flyfour, I want you to know that I so appreciate all that you do.

I love your interest in home automation, even if the thingy keeps saying I'm out when I'm at home.

I love that you sometimes ask me to pray fast because you forgot and started eating already.

I love that you tell me about your stupid film idea and have a soundtrack ready too.

I love that you have memorised all the good Bond films, but still watch them anyway.

I love that you spend quality time with our children.

I love that you are such a great Dad.

I guess, I just love you.