Proper Grown-Ups Would Have Said Right?

I needed to be a grown-up yesterday.

I needed to look presentable and grown-up because I was doing Governor things and meeting with real proper grown-ups and real proper grown-ups seem to like grown-up Pippa a bit more than not grown-up Pippa, especially when she is doing Governor things.

So, I got ready for the day, had breakfast with the children and went to the School.

Everything went relatively well.

At least, I thought it did until I returned home a few hours later, looked down and for the first time that morning saw my cleavage and saw that the chocolate spread I had spread on toast for the children and I, at breakfast that morning was quite clearly also spread across my cleavage.

PippaD looking like a grown up, but not being a real one all the time!

I just have to hope that all the proper grown-ups didn't notice that I had chocolate spread in and on and around my cleavage... I mean proper Grown-Ups would have said if they saw me covered in chocolate spread right?