Meal Plans and Family Time

We were trying a new food challenge this month, but with the weather and everyone being super tired (we have no idea why! Everyone is sleeping well but waking up just as tired as when they went to bed. We are blaming it on the weather!), at least half of us are coming down with an illness (or have one) and us all just being ready for the end of the School term it just wasn't happening.

Yesterday morning I knew I had to go shopping because if we carried on we would all just freeze to death, miserable and hungry. So I made a quick meal plan based upon what we needed to consume and what we had in the fridge, freezer and store cupboard and didn't care if we spent more than I wanted to. In the end, it was only about £50 that I spent, so I think that is fairly good!

PippaD as a bunny

Friday - Chicken and Bacon Pie

I'm filling the pie with leeks, mushrooms, chicken, bacon and probably everything else I can find such as peas and maybe even bits of potato. It'll have a Gluten-free pastry top and we'll serve it with Mashed Potato and whole honey roasted carrots.

The whole family have decided that an earlyish night tonight would be best, so we're all going to probably watch a film in bed, or play on our phones and not just because it is cold and we're all tired! We just figured an early night would be good.

Saturday - Jacket Potatoes and Beans/Tuna/Cheese

Saturday evening is Seminary Graduation, so we're going to eat together at lunch and Flyfour is accidentally going to buy a McDonalds for the children and himself on the way home from the graduation, and I'm going to stay to be a grown up at the dance and make sure that everyone has fun! I have some leftover Pasta to eat as my evening meal, but as a tradition in our Stake is that everyone goes to McDonald's after a Dance has finished, I'm sure I'll end up in there too.

Sunday - Toad in the hole

We didn't have a toad in the hole last weekend, I ended up changing it to Chicken and Roast Potatoes because we had those in the freezer. However, everyone is still on the comfort food train idea and so we're ready for proper comfort food, especially after coming home from Church.

Sunday evening we're going to have chicken. Just chicken. I'm so looking forward to it and of course, Sunday night Flyfour and I go to bed early and watch a documentary, we have a few lined up so I have no idea which we are going to end up watching.

Monday - Soup and Cheese Toasties

It's cold, it's wet and because three-quarters of the family are of Northern descent we are refusing to put on the heating in JUNE. Instead, we are self-medicating and comfort eating. Oh and the children have taken to their beds or wrapped themselves in blankets and I'm pretty sure I saw Dan Jon putting a hot water bottle in his bed.

Tuesday - Pasta

Ordinary Pasta, with a sauce I make up on the night. Could be tomato, could be cheese, could be just butter and garlic.

Whatever it is, we know that when Top Ender and I rush off to Youth, we'll be happy with what we've eaten and ready for what a Tuesday Mutual Night can throw at us.

Wednesday - Baguette Pizza

Quick, easy and tasty, especially as Tops and I are off to be Brownie helpers and the boys are going to be playing with their new toy, which is some gaming thing that I don't really understand but mostly because none of my games are available on it.

Thursday - Mince and Dumplings

Everyone loves Mince and Dumplings right? Well, I do and the children do. I remembered I forgot one thing when shopping yesterday and that was to buy some butter to put in the freezer to grate, so I'll be off out today (Friday) to do that and pick up the other thing I forgot, Tissues.

I have more time to make food today, which is why I've gone for Mince and Dumplings, plus I think Flyfour hasn't had dumplings for a while, so he'll be pleased that I've finally found a good recipe and can give him the fluffy lumps of joy that dumplings are!

Friday - Fish Pie

I put this at the end of the week, just because a fish pie on a Friday sounds so good to me. Plus it means I might remember to buy some salad to go with it and something else vegetable wise (Carrots again?) because I tend to go shopping on a Friday morning.

I do feel bad that Dan Jon is eating fish twice in one day (I mean that may be a little boring right?) but he has told me he is excited because he loves my fish pie!

So that's what we are eating this week, is there anything you are doing differently because of the weather?