Sweet Pea Tears

I cried on the phone to my friend today, and all because of Sweet Peas.

Sweet Peas in the garden

The phone call had been fine nothing triggering and right up until I started crying, I had been fine. We were talking about booking holidays and about our children, about upcoming social events we were both hoping to attend and the reason why I was having to cancel us meeting up for lunch in a couple of weeks.

We talked about some works that we were having done in our homes over the summer and how fabulous my flowers were because she had seen a few pictures I'd sent to another friend of the roses I had on display on my fireplace, that I had cut from my own garden.

We talked about the sunflowers that I'd never grown before, and how I was in love with them and would be growing them again in the future.

Sunflowers in the garden

We talked about my Sweet Peas which over the last couple of days had started blooming and it was then that I cried.

All I had wanted to do when I had seen the Sweet Peas blooming was to phone my Nan and to tell her that I was following in her footsteps, that I was keeping a family tradition alive.

It all came out as I was on the phone, sobs and regrets and half garbled messages about flowers and how it had been the anniversary of her funeral and the wreath my sister and I had organised had been Sweet Peas because of the memories we had attached to the flowers and my Nan.

Sweet Peas in the garden

And my friend made the right noises and let me cry and when I was finished she told me what to do. She told me to do the errands I was running, before going home and that I was then to sit in my garden look at the Sweet Peas and to talk to my Nan and to remember all the good things.

And so I did and I cried a bit more, but I felt a lot better afterwards and grateful to my friend for her advice.