For years I have told anybody who would listen, that one of the classroom numbers at Church is upside down.

Classroom door with an upside down 8

I mean look at it. It is clearly upside down right?

Well, I've managed to convince several of my friends that it is upside down too and they will often find me standing in the corridor silently fuming at the number. I'm not really one to stand there and shake my fist, but on occasion, some of my close friends have seen me shake my fist at the door.

Seriously, it is really annoying.

I walk past it every time I go to Church as it is next to the Young Women's room, where I go every other week and every Tuesday evening.

It's opposite the Ladies toilets and well I might not go there every time I visit the building, but I do go there a normal amount!

I also have to go past it to go to the Bishops Office or the Clerks Office and if I want to turn the heating on or ring the end of lesson bell, I have to go pass it too!

Every time I walk past and notice it, I get annoyed and stop and stare and wave my fist a little bit.

I mean, how could someone put a number on upside down and not realise?

I mean even if it was an 8, which is like one of like three numbers which can be either way up!

Well, one of my friends and their family were cleaning the chapel last week and they decided to do something special for me. Something that would make me happy and stop me standing in the middle of the corridor swearing revenge upon an inanimate object.

They went armed with a screwdriver and turned that 8 up the right way.

Only...Well, look at this picture I took this last Sunday.

A turned up the right way upside down 8 but still upside down!

Isn't it still upside down?

The thing is, I know that it has been turned up the other way, as my friend showed me photographs of the whole process.

If only it was an easier number to notice when it was upside down.

An upside down 7