Sunday Best

A couple of weeks ago, my Mum and I had a few minutes spare after we'd popped into her local High Street and so we visited a Charity shop that she used to volunteer in and found a dress that was so breathtakingly beautiful, we knew that Top Ender would want it. It honestly looked like it had never been worn, it looked about the right size and so for a grand total of £2.99 it was ours.

"Oh, this is nice!" said the lady in the shop
"It's for my 15 year-old-daughter" I answered
"Oh, for her Prom?"
"No, this will probably be a Church dress for her."

Top Ender wearing a Charity Shop bargain

I was given a sort of half stare by the older cashier over the top of her glasses, as if she didn't believe me, and then a further conversation was had concerning where the Church I went to was and how active the children and I were in the Church community and I was eventually given a sort of nod of approval for having answered correctly the questions she was asking and given the dress with a final comment.

"It's nice to see that somebody understands Sunday best still."

I didn't say anything. Partly because I was a little in shock and partly because I didn't really want to have an argument with an older lady in a charity shop.

What I wanted to say was that Sunday best isn't about wearing beautiful dresses or smart suits, but about your attitude when you go to Church. It's about not judging what others are wearing, but about concentrating on your relationship with God. It's about going each week and being part of the community and not only worrying about being or wearing your best on Sunday.

It's about being your best every day.