A Few Days In Amsterdam

I have wanted to go to Amsterdam FOREVER! Flyfour has gone a few times for work, (no seriously there is this huge trade conference there every year that he goes and meets suppliers and clients at, it really is work!) and each year I am majorly JEALOUS. When the idea came up that we could go during Easter Break, I was really excited, especially as we were going to drive and stop in France and Belgium on the way.

So we stopped in France.

PippaD on a beach in France

And can I just say, how fab and curly does my hair look? I'm a proper Curly Girl Convert!
And we went to Belgium.

Now Entering Belgium

And eventually, we entered The Netherlands and drove to our Hotel in Amsterdam and then got on the Metro and Trams and got exploring!

The Whole Family Standing at a Tram Stop in Amsterdam

The next few days were a blur of walking (an average of 8 miles a day), Museum trips, looking at tulips, Gluten Free Fast Food, Picnics, sitting in the Sunshine, more walking, Trams, Metro rides, photos, trips to Albert Heijn, different flavoured soft drinks, helping British Tourists who didn't know what food they were picking up, American Tourists, dodging second-hand smoke, Windmills, remembering to watch for bikes when crossing the road, looking up random translations, being confused for being Dutch (I'm not complaining at all!), being mistaken for famous people, starting trends for photographs, going to the Zoo, shopping in Primark (because it was a lot warmer than we thought and the children needed shorts and sunglasses), drinking bottles upon bottles of water, more walking, more tulips and did I mention there was a lot of walking?

Oh and we ate a lot of Salad.

Over the next couple of weeks, I'll write a couple of posts about the amazing places we visited because this blog post would take a month to read if I told you about everything we did, saw and enjoyed but honestly you all need to start thinking about a trip for you and your family to Amsterdam next spring because it is one of the best trips I've ever been on.