Dan Jon's Younger Fan

Dan Jon has been a Playground helper on the Key Stage One Playground since the start of the current School year. He loves it because he loves being helpful, he likes doing a bit of weekly service and he, like me, loves hanging out with younger children because they are generally really cool and don't even realise that they are.

Dan Jon at School

Every Wednesday, Dan Jon eats his lunch quickly before heading out to the Keystage One playground and playing with the children, or being a door monitor and opening the door for the children who need to use the bathroom, or something else that the lunchtime supervisors ask for him and the other Wednesday helpers to do.

There is just one little thing that has caused a little bit of an issue for Dan Jon. He's caught the eye of a rather lovely little lady, who is kind of determined that Dan Jon will be hers... She's even tried kidnapping him after School and this little lady is STRONG, I almost couldn't keep ahold of him!

I happen to know the young lady, from when I've been able to hang out in Reception with the children and she is seriously adorable. You know Agnes, the youngest girl in Despicable Me? This little girl, we'll call her Agnes for now, is that ADORABLE. She is all fringe, eyelashes and cute little grins.

Through some trick of fate, I also managed to trick/force this little girl's Mum into being my friend.

Honestly, it's just from saying good morning to her every day and knowing one or two of the others that she talks with before or after School and gradually worming my way into her extended friendship circle, but she really had no choice when I had decided she was going to be my friend! The Mum (Bertie) is just as cute (again she is all fringe and eyelashes) and from what I can tell from what she posts on Facebook, Agnes really is as adorable as I think.

Dan Jon agrees. Agnes is adorable, in the way that four, almost five, years olds are. Apart from the whole, hold on to Dan Jon, not let go and is determined that she is going to marry him one-day thing.

Agnes even told her teacher all about Dan Jon, about how she had tried to kidnap him, about how he was super handsome and kind and how she loved him and was going to marry him...

I'm sure she'll grow out of it and if not I'm not sure if we should be worried!