Our Family Playbook

During our last General Conference, one of the talks that I was really taken with was given by Elder Gary E. Stevenson, titled Your Priesthood Playbook, who suggested to the Priesthood holders that they create a Playbook. You know what a playbook is right? It's the book a team keeps, which details the strategies and plays a team may use during a game and it's important that all team members know what it details, because when they are out in the middle of a game they need to know what they are doing.

Well, Elder Stevenson noted how a sports team and the Priesthood (but it applies to the Women too) are quite similar. We have a goal of returning to our Heavenly Father rather than winning a game, we have teammates (our fellow Church members, or our families) who need our support and we have a playbook in the form of the Gospel and counsel given by our leaders.

Top Ender, Dan Jon and I pretending to be Prophets of Old

It was a really great talk, and I recommend if you haven't read it you go read it, or watch it, and all of the other talks that were given during this last Conference too... anyway.

We had the Sister Missionaries come round to share a meal with us on Saturday, and after we had spent some time eating and socialising and talking about favourite books and things, they shared a spiritual thought with us. Or rather, they shared a Spiritual Playbook for our Family.

Our Family Playbook

The idea is that think up Offensive Strategies (to help strengthen our testimonies, to increase our resolve to stay on the straight and narrow path) and Defensive Strategies (to help us be prepared when temptation comes our way) and mark them as if it were a play in a playbook in our Family Playbook.

As a family, we aren't even into Sports that much and yet we thought this was a great idea!

So, with the lovely Sister's we came up with a few ideas based upon things we wanted to improve on as a family, things we wanted to be good at and things we knew that we might face. We came up with a plan that fits our family, works with our strengths, helps us work on our weaknesses and, perhaps, more importantly, we came up with them together so already our family is strengthened.

I'm looking forward to us working towards our goals together and know that this is going to help us all so much!