Weekend Meals and Family Time 19-22 April

With this weekend being a little longer thanks to the bank holidays either side, we have more Family time and more fun planned together. Not only do we have a couple of walks planned, a family meal, an Easter Church service, we also have our usual game evening and a movie night planned. On top of that, I've nearly cracked a top score on a computer game that Top Ender and I have a friendly rivalry going on in and to me, that is what is important!

The A Mother's Ramblings Family hanging out together

We're actually really pleased to be able to spend time together again, we got so used to spending time together whilst we were in Amsterdam, that we're missing all of us being together now that Flyfour is back at work. I'm sure in a month or two we'll be at each other's throats again, but for now, we're enjoying being together.

So food wise, this looooooooong weekend we're having;

Friday Lunch - Tuna Pasta Salad with Spinach
Friday Evening Meal - Gluten Free Fish and Chips (from a local Chippie!)

Saturday Lunch - Sandwiches (I'm suggesting M&S, but I'm not fussy!)
Saturday Evening Meal - Taco Bowls

Sunday Lunch - Roast Lamb with the ALL THE Trimmings
Sunday Evening Meal - Leftover sandwiches/Cold Meat Platters

Monday Lunch - Easter Eggs. Actually Lime and Garlic Prawn Salad
Monday Evening Meal - Pork with Apple Sauce and Mashed Potato

It's going to be a fun weekend, I'm excited and of course not just because of the Eggs, Easter Cookies or the rest of the food we'll be having... okay so totally for those reasons!