I'm A Stapler, What Are You? #Review

So, we recently were in the process of hiring a new Head for the Primary School I'm a Governor at. We had asked some of the children to take part in part of the interviews, and I got to go and hang out with them and get them to suggest some questions they would like to ask.

Now, you know me. I'm a bit of a clown where children are involved and so when they were asking the questions, I answered most of them as if it were me they were interviewing. And one of them asked;

If you were an item of Stationery, what would you be and why?

I knew straight away and blurted out "A Stapler! I like holding things together!"

PippaD being a Governor at a local School

Why am I sharing this story today? Well, do you know what today is the start of?

Today is the start of National Stationery Week, which means I'm having to fight Top Ender and Dan Jon to get to our post first, because various companies (Thank you lovely people!) are sending us different items of Stationery and the children are trying to get to them first.

Luckily, this love means I know exactly what to tell Santa to put in their Stockings each Christmas. Notebooks, Sticky notes, pens, pencils (maybe then they'll stop stealing my colouring pencils!) and anything else that would sit on my desk if I had one.

I had wanted to share one fun Stationery related thing that has happened in the last week which was the interview story and not Top Ender stealing my pastel highlighters that Stabilo sent when I left them alone for two minutes!

Pastel Stabilo Highlighters

By the way, the potential heads had some great ideas of what stationery item they'd be too, so now I'm wanting to know, what would you be?

Just in case it wasn't clear, Stabilo sent me the Pastel highlighters and some other items too. If you want to see them, head over to Facebook, Instagram or Twitter!