Weekend Meals and Family Fun 13th April 2019

After our trip to Amsterdam, this weekend is needed to relax, regroup and of course catch up on all the things we have missed. Which is mainly General Conference, Chores and Housework, a bit of Homework and of course backing up all our photographs to a shared folder so we can all see them and decide which ones we want to print out in a photo book to bore family members with as we remember our holiday!

Top Ender looking tiny on a climbing frame in Amsterdam.

Top Ender has been put in charge of our meals this weekend, I'm not sure why, but she has made some great choices so we shall have to try it again in the future!

This weekend we're having;

Saturday Lunch - Fish Finger Sandwiches
Saturday Evening Meal - Meatballs with Spaghetti

We're going to watch a movie tonight, I just at this moment can't remember which one! Whilst we were away in Amsterdam, we were talking about a film that we all loved and hadn't seen for ages and decided to watch it this weekend... I just can't remember but hopefully one of the rest of the family will!

Sunday Lunch - Gammon with Roast Potatoes
Sunday Evening Meal - Loaded Hot Dogs

I was reminded a few days ago that Dan Jon is a whizz at Monopoly and so we're going to have a game and hopefully, it will end without somebody flipping the board over in disgust at having lost or having to pay a fortune for having landed on one square or another.