The Right Place At The Right Time

Last week, I kept reminding myself that I needed to contact a fellow School Governor, but I kept forgetting. Eventually, I remembered, so sent him a quick Whatsapp message, to which he replied and we agreed to meet up that morning. The fellow Governor offered me a couple of times to meet and as it wasn't going to be long, ten minutes or so just really a chance for us to touch base, I opted for the earlier time. We met up and our conversation took way longer than the ten minutes we had allowed and as the fellow Governor had a meeting he needed to go to at the School, I agreed to hang around for an hour or so in the Staff Room so that when he had finished in his meeting, we could finish our conversation and then we could have another conversation with a member of the School staff.

I didn't mind, hanging out in the Staff Room isn't a bad place to hang out, even if I don't have the key to where they hide the good biscuits.

PippaD hanging out at School on a Previous visit

Whilst I was in the Staff Room a staff member I've come to know quite well over the last year or so, we'll call her Mrs Bowman, came in. It was actually quite handy I was there as another member of staff had told Mrs Bowman to speak to me as one of her children was showing symptoms of Diabetes and they figured if anyone would know about Diabetes it would be me.

So Mrs Bowman explained and as I sat there listening to the story unfold, I realised that the story she was telling me was actually quite close to Dan Jon's diagnosis and I knew why the ten-minute conversation I was supposed to have had taken so much longer than it really needed to. I was there for Mrs Bowman.

I recognised the symptoms she had noted as they were almost identical to what Dan Jon had had. The weight loss, the hunger, the thirst, the excessive urination, the lethargy, the moods... even small things like being sweaty and itchy and having leg pains.

I knew the people and the process involved. It was the same Doctors surgery, the same story so far, they had noticed issues and gone to the Doctors. They had already done a blood test and it was showing as normal sugar levels, a follow-up test planned for a couple of weeks later.

I understood what she was going through. The worry. The waiting. The thought that there was something wrong that couldn't be fixed with a hug and a kiss.

The next couple of weeks, whilst they wait for the results of the blood test are going to be hard. Hard to wait to find out, hard to wait in case it is something else. They know however that whatever the result, I'm an extra friend, an extra ear or shoulder or pair of hands to help out.

Heavenly Father made sure that I was in the right place at the right time and for that I'm glad.