Weekend Meals and Family Time

This weekend is going to be brilliant, we're having one of our special holiday in a day weekends! I can't really share where we are going or what we are doing, because the children will cheat and use this blog post to find out, but we are planning on having a lot of family time together and so watch out for posts on Instagram and Facebook of what we are up to and where we are!

It's going to be a very early start, so a breakfast of cereal bars whilst the children and I probably sleep in the car on the way to our destination. We have Music ready to play, a few games to play with wipeable markers and laminated pouches and a tonne of sweets and other treats for when we get bored!

The A Mother's Ramblings Crew out on an Adventure!

Saturday Lunch - Picnic

We are planning on a picnic, after stopping at a Supermarket to pick up the essentials. The essentials being Fruit, Crisps, Drinks and Sandwiches if they are gluten and dairy free, packs of cooked Bacon and Chicken if not!

Saturday Evening Meal - Meal Out

We aren't sure where yet, but knowing my luck it'll end up being either McDonald's or if I'm slightly lucky Wagamama's!

We are going to be out super late on Saturday evening, so make sure you keep checking my social media to see the fun we are having! I expect that come Sunday morning we will still be up bright and early and if I'm able to I'll post a picture of my early morning walk.

Sunday Lunch - Erm... Well, we aren't sure. We may have purchased enough food on Saturday to see us through to Sunday lunch but then again, we may have eaten it all. Whatever the outcome we are bound to eat something!

Sunday Evening Meal - Meal Out

All will become apparent as to why we are eating out on a Sunday evening if you follow me on other Social Media!

Well, that's a cheat of a weekends meal but trust me I'll be eating and having a great time!