All Meals W/C 1st April 2019

April Already?! It's like one month and a day to my birthday and it's nearly Easter and everything is so exciting! Okay, so maybe not everything is so exciting, just enough that I'm excited because everything is awesome at the AMR House!

Don't Forget To Be Awesome!

On with the week!


Twice this week, Top Ender and I have thought about eating breakfast outside. It's still too cold, but we can't wait for the weather to warm up!

Monday - Hash Browns, Bacon and Scrambled Eggs
Tuesday - Porridge with Fruit (Tops has a Music Exam!)
Wednesday - Fish Finger Sandwiches
Thursday - Sausages with Mushrooms
Friday - Bacon Sandwiches


Monday - School Lunch
Tuesday - School Lunch
Wednesday - School Lunch
Thursday - Cheese and Ham Sandwiches
Friday -  School Lunch

Evening Meal

Monday - Slow Cooker Vegetable Casserole (With Dumplings!)
Tuesday - Pizza (YUM!)
Wednesday - Jacket Potatoes with Beans
Thursday - Sausage, Mash and Yorkshire Puddings
Friday - Home Fried Chicken (That's actually baked not fried!)

So there you go, that is what we are planning on eating this week. How about you, anything exciting coming up that you'd like to share, any meals, in particular, you'd like to know how I make them or if I would make them so you don't have to try it out on your family? Let me know!