A Day In Bed

I joked with Top Ender as we came home from Youth on Tuesday night that I was going to spend the following day in bed. Flyfour was leaving early to travel to Bristol and Top Ender had picked some breakfast options for this week (as Dan Jon is away) that meant I really didn't need to do anything, as Top Ender could easily serve herself and at 15 is more than old enough to get ready for School in the morning without me!

In the end, I did get up and Top Ender and I shared a Scripture Study session whilst Top Ender ate breakfast and then she went off to School informing me that I needed to go back off to bed to enjoy my day.

So I did.

PippaD all happy and calm

I spent the entire day in bed, (well, there was a short twenty minutes where I made lunch for myself and had to answer the door to a delivery driver), in my PJ's watching TV, reading, preparing for an interview that I have next week, playing games, writing letters and just chilling.

It was perfect.

By the time Top Ender got home from School, I was ready for some company and of course, some fun! We were able to spend the evening together (dressed!) with our local Brownie Unit and even treated ourselves to Pizza for our supper.

I realised the next day that all my fears about the interview had gone away, that I was fully ready for my workshop (it's tomorrow) and that I was in a very positive frame of mind. It was almost like I had been treated to a factory reset.

Apparently, a day in bed was just what I needed!