Brown Owl For A Year

I have been Brown Owl at a local Brownies unit for a year now and honestly, I did not realise when I agreed to help out, just how great it would be.

I kind of started being a Brown Owl, because I wanted to spend more time with Top Ender. She helps out at a Rainbows Unit on a Tuesday evening, a Brownies Unit on a Wednesday evening and a Guides Unit on a Thursday evening. The former Brown Owl was leaving and they needed an adult to step in to be a leader or at least a weekly volunteer or there was going to be problems with the number of girls to leader ratio.

Little Owl and Brown Owl aka Top Ender and PippaD

Everything sort of happened at the same time, I agreed to help out and at almost the same time I was released from my calling at Church as the Primary Leader. No more hanging out with Primary children aged between 3 and 11 each Sunday, but there would be plenty of hanging out with Girls aged between 7 and 10 each Wednesday evening!

The girls were, of course, a little wary to start with and rightly so. We soon became good friends when they realised that I'm actually a child trapped in the body of a grown-up. It's like a Big situation, apart from I didn't make a magic wish and instead just grew up this way.

This last week, we were performing a little play to the Parents who were able to make the meeting and we needed to say goodbye to one of the Brownies who is leaving the unit because she is so busy with various extra-curricular activities and goodbye to another of the Brownies who, along with her family are moving abroad during the Summer.

I'm honestly gutted that I won't get to hang out with these bright sparks for a few weeks or with the other Young Leaders who volunteer along with Top Ender. I guess I'll just have to find other ways to suck the youthful energy out of my victims spend my time for a few weeks!