What We Are Eating W/C 6th July

This week has gone too fast. Top Ender, Flyfour and I were looking forward to enjoying some time together, whilst Dan Jon was on the Isle of Wight with his School for his last residential and to spend time with all his classmates before they all go off to senior school. It's the end of an era for him and his friends. We did get some time together (actually Tops and I spent every evening together), but it really did go too fast and we are making sure we schedule in more time together each week!

Anyway, here's what we're eating this week.

Tulips in Amsterdam

Saturday - Carb Free Night!

We need to check on Dan Jon's basal and correction rates and carry on the checks we were making before Dan Jon went away to the Isle of Wight. Flyfour might be out this evening, but then again he might not and the children and I are quite happy to hang out together after I get back from my workshop and the baptisms of some children that I've known for a few years and can't wait to support them in their journey of faith.

Sunday - Hasselback Chicken with Roasties

I keep seeing recipes for stuffed chicken breasts on Facebook and it's got me drooling, so I've added them to the meal plan for today and will hope that I'm not only able to make them successfully, but also that everyone loves them as much as I'm hoping we will!

Monday - Honey and Soy Sauce Salmon Salad

This is such a great dish that we could all honestly eat it every day and never get bored of it. The great thing is that it is healthy as well as one of our favourite dishes and it is so quick to make that even if I'm feeling like I don't want to cook, it only takes a few minutes and most of that is from prepping the Salad!

Tuesday - Creamy Spinach Pasta with Tomatoes

Dan Jon is spending the afternoon at his Senior school this afternoon, as he was invited to come up with some students before his official school visit this Thursday. I decided to do a nice and simple pasta dish with some garlic bread using a new recipe I found as Dan Jon is like me and loves his carbs!

Wednesday - Bacon and Vegetable Bake

If I do a vegetable bake with bacon, Top Ender will happily eat it. If I do it with a cheese sauce she'll even more happily eat it! I might add in some Pasta, but I'm honestly not sure if that is something that we'll want or not, but however I decide to make it, it'll be lush!

Thursday - Carb Free Night!

We're having another carb free night. Dan Jon will not be happy unless he gets Chicken, Scrambled Egg, Salad, Cheese and bacon. I'm sure I can get him some of the aforementioned ingredients.

Friday - Beef Casserole

I'm going to a friends funeral today and decided that what I would really need after that was some comfort food. I had to think about all the different meals I could make and it was a Casserole that stuck out as my favourite comfort food and what would make me feel, I dunno cared for! So a beef casserole, with slices of baguette or tiger bread and plenty of butter.

I will serve it with either mash or jacket potatoes.