A Mothers Ramblings: Family Baking

Sunday, 7 July 2019

Family Baking

Every Sunday afternoon, after we've had lunch and we've done the dishes. After we've had a quick nap (Okay, I've had a quick nap) and the children have spent time playing some games together, Flyfour and Top Ender do a spot of baking together.

It started a couple of months ago when Top Ender asked Flyfour to make some scones with her.

Gluten Free Scones, yummy and yummy!

The next week, Flyfour made a batch of cakes but forgot to ask Top Ender if she'd like to help. Top Ender was sad and so the next week when Flyfour made another treat, he asked Tops to join in.

And the next week.

And the next week.

And the next week.

In fact, it has been every week since then and it is now a family tradition for the two of them to bake on a Sunday afternoon and for Dan Jon and I, to enjoy the fruits of their labours as part of our supper.