Five Guys - Maybe My Favourite Restaurant Ever!

Top Ender and I decided, to have a sneaky meal out before we went to the Theatre a couple of weeks ago and we knew that the one place we had to go was Five Guys.

We love Five Guys, yes here in the UK it is EXPENSIVE, but for us, it's worth it as an occasional treat. Although Top Ender and I went not that long ago with Dan Jon and erm, we're kinda planning on going again in a couple of weeks. That's not that occasional, is it?

Why do we love Five Guys?

One of our local Five Guys (Yes, we have two!)
Well, we love the fries. A small fries is HUGE, because they fill a cup and then put that cup in a bag and then throw an extra scoop of fries on top of the cup, so they are all spilt out in the bag and who doesn't love those extra chips you only occasionally find in the bag at other fast food places? Here you get like a whole portion in the bottom of the bag and they taste DELICIOUS because they are like a freebie!

Five Guys Fries

We love the burgers, not frozen but fresh patties and you can get it with or without cheese.

Five Guys Burger

We love the hot dogs. And the buns? Oh my gosh. WE LOVE THEM.

Five Guys Hot Dog

We love the milkshakes, although I have never let Top Ender add bacon to the milkshake. I might change this one day in the near future... then again I might not because BACON in a milkshake is just wrong!

Five Guys Strawberry Shake and Top Ender!

My favourite, of course, is the other drinks they serve. For one, who doesn't love a free refill station? And for two, who doesn't love a place where they serve DR PEPPER, the greatest drink known to mankind.

Five Guys Refill Cups

Oh and we love that there are like 15 toppings that you can have on top of your order for free and in any combination, including ALL of them or none of them.

All in all, I think that Five Guys might be my favourite restaurant ever.

Right, who wants to come with me today?